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Job Opportunity

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SOW Asia


This position requires an exceptional person seeking to make a significant and lasting impact on the development of strategic philanthropy, social innovation and impact investing in Asia. This person will have a unique opportunity to help shape this development both as an investor and as a capacity builder. This is position is based in Hong Kong, with some travel within the region required.

About SOW Asia and its Mission

SOW Asia’s mission is to invest in organizations seeking to scale their positive social or environmental impact. These investments may be made with either SOW Asia’s own money or through money raised from non-profits and for-profits who wish to be part of this innovative and effective approach to solving big challenges facing Hong Kong.

The investment pipeline of SOW Asia is supported in part by two accelerator programs run by SOW Asia, one sponsored by the HK Government (SIE Fund) and one sponsored by JP Morgan. Through these programs, SOW Asia has supported nearly 40 enterprises over the past 18 months. Many of these enterprises used that experience to modify or refine their models and subsequently secured funding to help realize their mission.

SOW Asia takes a very expansive view of what “investing” means for an ultimate portfolio of these investees. While “investing” can mean the expectation of return of capital from a portfolio, for us it more fully describes the character of long-term partnerships, trust, engagement and accountability we believe are essential for real growth in impact and social value creation. Because the social innovation space is in its early stages of development, though rapidly evolving, in Hong Kong and East Asia, SOW Asia is uniquely positioned to be leader in the coming decade. Key to SOW Asia’s success will be securing a visionary and effective CEO.

Successful candidates should exhibit the following characteristics:

• Entrepreneurism: candidates should have an entrepreneurial spirit and be able to deal well with the uncertainty and challenges of a nascent industry
• Strong networker: candidates should have a wide network in Hong Kong of diverse stakeholders in philanthropy, non-profit, private sector and government, or at least a proven ability to network and develop/retain strong relationships beyond their own professional interests
• Team player: candidates should have an open mind to collaborate with private and public sector players, and avoid a “silo” mentality
• Leader: candidates should be willing to push the boundaries to test new models of identifying, investing and building social innovation
• Commercial pragmatism: candidates should balance entrepreneurial drive with commercial pragmatism to effectively support high potential enterprises

Candidates will be responsible for: 
• Providing leadership in the development of SOW Asia’s statement of vision, mission, goals and corresponding strategies, plans and budgets to achieve them, as well as leading, developing and retaining talent for the SOW Asia team
• Developing and executing a new strategy in collaboration with the Board of Directors
• Serving as a spokesperson and champion for SOW Asia’s mission
• Overseeing and being accountable for the budget of the organization
• Actively driving fundraising and promotion of SOW Asia’s activities
• Staying abreast of key issues and developments in the venture philanthropy space and contributing thought leadership
• Recommending agendas and any required policy changes to the Board of Directors

Candidates should have the following qualifications and experience: 
• At least a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s preferred (formal business education, a plus)
• Prior professional experience in entrepreneurship, finance, investing or consulting
• Demonstrated passion and experience in the social impact sector
• Experience working with a non-profit in any capacity is a plus

To apply: Please email your CV and a letter of interest (one page maximum) to Please do not call SOW Asia. All candidates will be updated on the status of their application. This search will remain open until the position has been filled.


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